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How CanyonTrade works

CanyonTrade enables start-ups, established companies, and social businesses to sell stock and bonds, directly to the public, online. For the first time, you can invest in Israel's best opportunities, and then trade your assets with traders from around the world.

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Why use CanyonTrade?

It's the easiest way to raise funds for your great idea or for your business, and the best new way to buy and sell stocks and bonds online.

Raise funds online

Raise funds for your start-up or business by selling stocks and bonds in your own online IPO.

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Invest and trade

Invest in the newest start-ups or proven, successful business. And then trade your share online.

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Secure and easy

Trade easily and in one click, paying by credit card or bank transfer in our world-class PCI-compliant platform.

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It couldn't be easier to start raising funds with CanyonTrade. Just follow the steps below.

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